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FAQ page

  • What makes The Clairvoyant and Medium Register a leading directory site for businesses?

Answer: We advertise clairvoyants wisely, placing all their business needs towards the better interests of customers. We promote their business in every possible way. By providing real-time business leads to the service providers, we always work with a well-built database that houses genuine customer data and information. We help businesses to ensure maximum leads engagement by fetching their website URL link at our web directory.

  • Why should customers choose The Clairvoyant and Medium Register?

Answer: We list verified professionals at our niche directory site. This means our listed businesses are certified and approved. They are trustworthy and are proven to demonstrate leading fortune telling services at suitable quotes. They carry a responsive approach towards serving your problems and needs by offering desired mediumships and telephone psychic readings in quick time.

Some of the major benefits:

● Our directory site is correctly optimised

● We have verified and certified listings

● We offer quality listings

  • Which information should businesses provide for the listing?

Answer: 1. Business name

2. Contact number

3. Website URL

4. Senior contact person

5. Email address

6. Address of the centre

  • Who reads the information?

Answer: People all over the UK can view our listings. Those who need mediumship solutions and telephone psychic readings can visit our register to know about various kinds of fortune tellers and psychic experts.

  • What is the purpose of this website?

Answer: We aim at deriving the correct valuation of businesses listed on our register. Professionals like clairvoyants by listing at our register can have every business benefit like improved business visibility, customer engagement, and better brand reputation in quick time. Our advertising approach is tailored to the specific business needs. Thus, the ultimate purpose of this website is to promote businesses of fortune tellers, psychics towards the best interests of customers.

  • Why is it necessary to keep the listing updated?

Answer: The ultimate goal is to keep customers informed in real-time. With wrong and missing information, customers can easily shift to other listings and businesses can lose on a potential customer. As a result, ratings and rankings may go low due to customer’s dissatisfaction. An updated listing can help customers be informed and educated about business. Lastly, it helps the business get maximum leads engagement.