Medium Meetings – Contacting The “Other Side”

Medium Reading

As children we were always excited at the prospect of listening to a spooky ghost story. As adults the fascination with the paranormal usually fades away but somewhere inside each of us there remains that fascination with “the other side”.

This desire to make contact with the nether world leads hopeful seekers to Mediums and Clairvoyants who are able to help them connect with beings from the astral plane. A Medium would usually conduct a Reading which would involve trying to contact a spirit to either ascertain the future or to connect with the spirit and assure the seeker of their well being in the afterlife. The modus operandi is to provide the medium with a personal belonging of the individual whose spirit is to be contacted.

The entire experience of a Medium reading is something that is highly recommended to even the most skeptic unbelievers. The dark and usually muted lights, along with the usually raspy voice of the Medium; lends a very eerie aura that heightens the sensation of being visited by an other-worldly presence.

Once you have visited a Medium it is only fitting that you upgrade the experience and attend a Séance Meeting. A Séance Meeting is when a group of individuals attempt to summon spirits and communicate with them. Séance meetings are very popular since as far back as the 1600s. Some of the most famous participants in Séance meetings include Adolf Hitler and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was the creator of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

Séance Meetings would normally follow the same creepy and eerie path of the Medium. The room would be dimly lit with sputtering candles and the group would whisper quietly until the chanting rises to a crescendo and the spirit finally makes a much awaited appearance in the form of strange and sudden movements of furniture or the extinguishing of the flames on the candles.

An interesting object that is a staple of these meetings is the Ouija board. This is a wooden plank that has letters and numbers carved or printed on to it. On this plank is placed another small carved piece that has a hole in the center. The piece is held by the fingertips of an individual who then allows the spirit to direct their hands so that it stops over certain letters, thus slowly eking out a message that will astound those gathered.

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